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Not So Common Kids Present G2K Oklahoma!


NSCP Kids LogoJuly 18 and 19
5:30 PM

On the Common Stage
Clifton Common Park
Vischer Ferry Road

Join Not So Common Kids as they present G2K Oklahoma!, the culmination of their July educational experience in musical theatre!

Rodgers & Hammerstein’s first collaboration remains, in many ways, their most innovative, having set the standards and established the rules of musical theatre still being followed today. Set in a Western Indian territory just after the turn of the century, the high-spirited rivalry between the local farmers and cowboys provides the colorful background against which Curly, a handsome cowboy, and Laurey, a winsome farm girl, play out their love story.

Although the road to true love never runs smooth, with these two headstrong romantics holding the reins, love’s journey is as bumpy as a surrey ride down a country road. That they will succeed in making a new life together we have no doubt, and that this new life will begin in a brand-new state provides the ultimate climax to the triumphant OKLAHOMA!

Rodgers & Hammerstein's STATE FAIR on the Common

State Fair Logo

July 18, 19 & 20
July 24, 25, 26 & 27

All Performances at 8 PM
On the Common Stage
Clifton Common Park
Vischer Ferry Road

Set against the colorful backdrop of an American heartland tradition, State Fair travels with the Frake family as they leave behind the routine of the farm for three days of adventure at the annual Iowa State Fair. Mom and Pop have their hearts set on blue ribbons, while their daughter and son find romance and heartbreak on the midway. Set to the magical strains of an Academy Award-winning score and augmented by other titles from the Rodgers and Hammerstein songbook, State Fair is the kind of warm-hearted family entertainment only Rodgers & Hammerstein could deliver!

Director ~~ Music Director ~~ Producer
Adam M. Coons ~~ Maria Elmer ~~ Nicolle Galligan

FREE Musical Theatre under the stars!
Sponsored by the Town of Clifton Park

NSCP Presents Original Kids' Play by Shen Grad in September


Have You Filled a Bucket Today?

Have You Filled a Bucket Today logo

September 19, 20, & 21 @ the Clifton Park-Halfmoon Public Library
FREE Admission

Have You Filled a Bucket Today? is a modern take on the golden rule with humor, heart, and larger-than-life characters. Based on Carol McCloud’s award-winning books, the play tells the story of Trey, a 4th grade student who learns about bucket filling from his summer camp counselor and her memorable friends.

Playwright Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead (a 1994 Shenendehowa graduate) first heard about Carol McCloud’s award-winning book Have You Filled a Bucket Today? at a meeting at her son’s school. She read it, loved it, and thought it would make great theatre. She was confident that a play would be a fun and effective way for schools and theatre companies to address the problem of bullying.

Ann Marie was thrilled when Ms. McCloud gave her permission to adapt the book for the stage. She had great fun setting the play at a summer camp and creating original characters, like Bucket Filling Fairy (BFF), a magical creature who speaks in rhyme, and Professor Smarty Pants III, a science professor who loves to talk about himself.

Have You Filled a Bucket Today? is a popular book in elementary schools across the U.S. and abroad. Many schools have adopted the bucket filling concept as their school theme, so it has been embraced by teachers, children and parents alike.

The Not So Common Players look forward to bringing this positive message with appropriate tools to young people, parents and teachers as they deal with the horrendous torment of bullying in today’s society.

Long-time Shenendehowa teacher and drama club director Dora Myers will direct, and Ann Marie Gardinier Halstead will join us as artist in residence.

For more information, contact producer Sally Burke, 518-877-5648; jburke6@nycap.rr.com.

Auditions for Have You Filled a Bucket Today?

Clifton Park-Halfmoon Public Library – July 15 and 16 at 6:30 pm Bucket-Filling-Fairy-187x300

Sides (pages of the script for auditions) available for pickup at Clifton Park Town Hall


  • Trey: a 4th grade student (and skit characters Aidan and Tommy); smart, energetic, playful and sometimes naughty.
  • Mimi: a 20-something camp counselor; enthusiastic, compassionate, and nurturing with a bright smile and a pleasant voice.
  • BFF (Bucket Filling Fairy): a Fairy Godmother-type character who is whimsical, dramatic and bubbly, and who speaks in rhymes.
  • Professor Smarty Pants III: a 40-50 science teacher (male); intellectual and narcissistic.
  • Students: 5 or more campers (3 girls, 2 boys):
    • Christina (and skit characters Paloma, Kimberly, Mom, Lucy)
    • Madeline (and skit characters Lexie, Catherine, Carina, Rhonda, Addy)
    • Josie (and skit characters Lizzy, Elena, Tanya)
    • Jasper (and skit characters Abuelito, Nathan, Kurt, Mikey, Ben, Alexander)
    • Trevor (and skit characters Andrew, Mr. Muench, Reagan; Elijah, Shawn, Gregg)

Memorize one character from the following on page 7 and pages 17-20:





Plus memorize one other skit role in skit # 7, 11, 12, or 13.

Please read over all roles as you may be asked to read one in character.

State Fair Cast Announced

State Fair Logo

Not So Common Players is pleased to announce the cast and crew of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s State Fair!

Please join us July 18-20 and July 24-27 at the outdoor stage on the Common in Clifton Park for this wonderful show! All performances are at 8PM.

Abel Frake – Rick Reed
Melissa Frake – Suzanne Rayome
Margy Frake – Elizabeth Sterling
Wayne Frake – Tom Swimm
Harry – Alex Hoffman
Emily Arden – Laura Marra
Gus – Tony Scanu
Dave Miller – Ray Burns
Eleanor - Marissa Harrington-Verb
The Fair Announcer – Henry DiMaria
The Hoop-La Barker – Henry DiMaria
Vivian – Tess Myers
Pat Gilbert – Chris Malatesta
Charlie – John Roose
Lem – Curtis Elmer
Clay – Richard Lenehan
Hank Munson – Tony Scanu
The Chief of Police – Curtis Elmer
Violet - Hannah Wheeler
Judge Heppenstahl – Richard Lenehan
The Fairtones – Tess Myers, Kara Hogan, Linda Segreto
Mrs. Edwin Metcalf of Pottsville – Deb Paniccia
Jeanne – Dianne DeSantis

Deb Paniccia, Ray Burns, Hannah Wheeler, Caitlyn Efner, Julie Mahoney, Sarah Eichenbaum, Kayla Seeley, Tony Scanu, Justine Pascual, Erin Hunziker, Bryan Brown, John Roose, Henry DiMaria, Dianne DeSantis, Kara Hogan, Linda Segreto, Tess Myers, Tony Scanu, Curtis Elmer, Marissa Harrington-Verb


Director – Adam M. Coons
Producer – Nicolle Galligan
Music Director – Maria Elmer
Choreographer/Assistant Director – Adrian Mallozi
Costume Design – Debbie Lummis
Stage Manager – Regina Baker
Props - Jill Ross, Jennie Pines
Lighting Design/Execution – Jennifer Larsen
Sound Design/Execution – Neale Petrillo
Set Design – Michael McDermott
Master Carpenter – Adam M. Coons

NSCP is proud to announce the Cast and Crew of CHESS




Burke John Old Gregor/ensemble
Caracappa Peter Walter
Coons Adam Arbitor
Copps Heather-Liz Svetlana
Dembling Matt ensemble
Depew Bill Nicholai
Hahn Shawn Anatoly
Jene Jeffrey Molokov
Jones Brandon Freddie
Kelly Alysson ensemble
Lenahan Dawn ensemble
Moran Sarah ensemble
McColl William Associated Press Reporter/ensemble
McGrath Molly Florence
Popova Julia ensemble
Sanderson William ensemble
Searles Erik ensemble
Serdyuk Alisa Female Reporter
Smith Laura Zeltmann ensemble
Stefani Chris Insulting Reporter


Meredith Frank Director
Sherman Adrienne Music Director
Burke Sally Producer
Petrillo Neale Set Design/Master Carpenter
Fitizzi Sara Choreographer
Boynton Karen Costumer
Mackenzie Jim Lights
Lord Joel Sound
Katz Sarah Assistant Sound
Goodwin Julia Assistant to Costumer
Concra Joe and Maryann Props
Brand Katie Graphic Design
Lenehan Marcia Make-up Design
Burke John Set Construction
Heinrichs-Loeffel Bettina Set Painting Design
Charlebois Elise Stage Manager Rehearsals
Howey Kat Stage Manager Performances
Petrik Irina Dialect Coach
Heath Dan Stage Crew/Set Construction
Jakubowski Jeff Stage Crew

NSCP Announces 2015 Season


Little Women Logo

In the spring of 2015, NSCP welcomes Brian Avery to the director’s chair with the musical Little Women. Based on the life and novel by Louisa May Alcott, Little Women follows the adventures of sisters Jo, Meg, Beth, and Amy March. Jo is trying to sell her stories for publication, but the publishers are not interested – her friend Professor Bhaer tells her that she has to do better and write more from herself. Begrudgingly taking this advice, Jo weaves the story of herself and her sisters and their experience growing up in Civil War America.

anything-goes logo

In the summer of 2015, Not So Common Players and director Michael Camelo will bring the musical Anything Goes to the Common. Anything Goes is an amusing story wrapped around one of Cole Porter’s magical scores. This age-old tale of boy-meets-girl and the complications that ensue will intrigue every audience. It’s a wonder that all the romances are sorted out and disaster is averted aboard the magical ship where Anything Goes!

violet logo

In the fall of 2015, Not So Common Players welcomes back Alana and Matt Streifert to direct Violet. This moving story depicts a young woman with a scarred face, who in 1964, embarks on a journey by bus from her farm in North Carolina, all the way to Tulsa, Oklahoma in order to be healed and made beautiful through the healing touch of a TV evangelist. Along her journey Violet is able to repair the scars that are lying deeper than her skin and meets a young African-American soldier whose love for her reaches far past her physical “imperfections.” Violet will be a must see!

Contact NSCP! Get involved!

Contact us if you love theatre and want to participate! We are always open to new ideas and people who want to be involved in theatre… both on stage and behind the scenes. We are looking for technical support in all areas, as well as administrative help — marketing, public relations and fundraising.

To get involved with NSCP contact:

David Rossi Pat O’Donnell Sarah (Sally) Burke
DRossi20@aol.com patodonnell@cliftonpark.org jburke6@nycap.rr.com
518-779-5061 518-371-6681 518-877-5648

Be sure to subscribe to the CapDist Auditions listserv and the CapDist Announcements listserv for notifications on upcoming auditions and performances, and all the latest info on theatre in the Capital Region.

Not So Common Players are sponsored by the Town of Clifton Park and generously supported by Windsor Development.

As a natural extension of the 14 years NSCP has served the community of Clifton Park and the Capital Region at large with FREE musical theatre, we have worked with the Town and other local arts organizations on preliminary discussions and planning for the development of a community theater/performing arts center in Clifton Park. In addition to a theatre, rehearsal space, set building and storage space, and dressing rooms, such a center would also ideally include classrooms, arts studios, dance studios, photography labs and gallery space. NSCP looks forward to continued collaboration with the Town of Clifton Park and other local arts organizations to eventually make this dream a reality.

With the help of the community and the ongoing support of the Town of Clifton Park, Not So Common Players will continue its mission of providing quality theatrical productions and educational opportunities to the residents of Clifton Park. A vibrant arts scene adds immeasurably to the quality of life in the Town and throughout the Capital Region.

State Fair Auditions

Not So Common Players
Announces Auditions for
Rodgers and Hammerstein’s

State Fair Logo

Director: Adam M. Coons

Producer: Nicolle Galligan

Musical Director: Maria Elmer

Choreographer: Adrian Mallozzi

May 5 & 6, 2014 @ 7PM
Sign in @ 6:30PM

Shenendehowa Adult Community Center
6 Clifton Common Boulevard
Clifton Park, NY 12065

Performance Dates: July 18-27, 2014

Please prepare 16 bars of a classic or standard musical theatre song. No acapella singing. Accompanist will be provided. You may sing something from the show. There will be a brief dance audition as well as readings from the script.

Rodgers & Hammerstein’s only musical written directly for the screen is now a stage musical that’s had critics raving from coast to coast. Set against the colorful backdrop of an American heartland tradition, STATE FAIR travels with the Frake family as they leave behind the routine of the farm for three days of adventure at the annual Iowa State Fair. Mom and Pop have their hearts set on blue ribbons while their daughter and son find romance and heartbreak on the midway. Set to the magical strains of an Academy Award-winning score and augmented by other titles from the Rodgers and Hammerstein songbook, STATE FAIR is the kind of warm-hearted family entertainment only Rodgers & Hammerstein could deliver!


Abel Frake (Baritone) – a hardworking farmer whose gruff demeanor sometimes hides his caring nature. He takes great pride in his accomplishments, whether his family, his farm or Blue Boy, the hog he has nurtured so lovingly. Because of his pride, he is determined not to lose the bet he has made with Dave Miller. Therefore, seeing to it that Blue Boy wins the competition at the State Fair means everything to him. Age 45-55.

Melissa Frake (Alto) – a hardworking farm woman for whom family comes first. She neither asks for nor expects very much for herself her joy comes from the accomplishments of her family. She is constantly concerned with the wellbeing of her husband and children. When something wonderful actually happens to her winning the blue ribbon for her mincemeat the emotions are so unfamiliar that she really doesn’t know how to react. Age 45-55.

Margy Frake (Mezzo) – a simple farm girl who has just graduated from high school. She’s looking to the future, but doesn’t know what she wants from life. As she says in the song “It Might as well Be Spring,” she’s “vaguely discontented” and keeps “wishing I were somewhere else,” although she has no idea of where that might be. When she agrees to answer her boyfriend Harry’s marriage proposal after the fair, the impending decision weighs heavily on her. While she knows that he will be a good husband and do everything he can to make her happy, meeting the more worldly Pat Gilbert makes her realize that she won’t find whatever it is she’s been yearning for with Harry. Age 18-22.

Wayne Frake (Tenor) – a young farmer who is very content with his life. He adores his girlfriend, Eleanor, but her decision to go away to college throws him off-balance. Receiving attention from the sophisticated Emily gives him a false sense of maturity and importance who needs Eleanor anyhow? Ultimately he realizes that he would never be happy with any life other than the one he already has. Age 20-25.

Harry – an extremely earnest, hardworking farmer who has his whole future figured out, and it all revolves around Margy. Therefore, when she turns down his marriage proposal, he is suddenly faced with an uncertain future he never anticipated. Although Harry is a somewhat comic character, it is essential that we believe his proposal is a realistic option for Margy. Age 20-25.

Emily Arden (Mezzo) – has worked extremely hard to overcome the unhappy circumstances of her past. She dreams of a career on Broadway and is single-minded in her focus to achieve that dream. Meeting Wayne reminds her of the sort of life she is giving up in pursuit of her goal, and having been hurt herself, she wants to makes sure that Wayne doesn’t get hurt in the same way. Age 25-35.

Gus – the Frake’s hired man.

Dave Miller – the local storekeeper.

Eleanor- Wayne’s girlfriend.

The Fair Announcer

The Hoop-La Barker

Vivian – a cooch dancer

Pat Gilbert (Baritone) – a newspaper reporter. Age 20-25.

Charlie – a newspaper photographer.

Lem (Baritone) – a farmer. Age 45-55.

Clay (Tenor) – a farmer. Age 45-55.

Hank Munson (Baritone) – a farmer. Age 45-55.

The Chief of Police

Violet – his daughter

The Fairtones – Emily’s backup act.

Judge Heppenstahl

Mrs. Edwin Metcalf of Pottsville

Barkers, Vendors, Judges and Fairgoers

For questions, please contact Director Adam Coons at word_ness21@yahoo.com or Producer Nicolle Galligan at cat_woman24@msn.com.

NSCP announces CHESS Auditions May 19 & 20

imagesChess audition announcement info:
May 19 & 20, NSCP Storefront (between Toys ‘R Us and Joann Fabrics) in Clifton Park
6:30 pm sign in

Director: Frank Meredith
Music Director: Adrienne Sherman
Choreographer: Sara Fittizzi
Producer: Sally Burke

We are looking for strong vocalists and actors throughout the cast. We are using the Broadway script with a few minor adjustments to strengthen the story line. (This differs a lot from the concert video.)

Florence will  be more of a metaphorical White Queen than a pawn. The closing number will be a reprise of “Someone Else’s Story.”

The optional “Arbiter’s Song” will be used to open the second act if we can cast someone (male or female) to deliver a show stopping performance.

Four rehearsals per week, September through mid-October, then more TBA up to production weeks:
Oct 10th (tech week) 17th through 26th (performances)


Florence: Strong belt voice (to E). Mid-thirties. Born in Hungary, brought up in America. She is clever, touching, vivacious, volatile. Freddie’s chess second.

Freddie: Rock tenor (to high C). 30’s-40’s. American chess champion; a cross between Bobby Fischer and John McEnroe. Arrogant and temperamental, but a genius. We need to see his artistry along with his danger and obsessiveness.

Anatoly: Baritone (to G#). 30’s-40’s. Russian champion. Unexpectedly charming. Doesn’t seem a romantic hero at first. Intelligent, feeling, passionate.

Molokov: Bass (down to F#). 40’s-60’s. Anatoly’s chess second. KGB type. Intellectually formidable. An actor who sings well.

Svetlana: late 20’s-early 40’s. Strong belt voice. Anatoly’s wife. Domestic, homey, wholesome. Dramatic contrast to Florence; not a cosmopolitan woman.

Walter: Bass-baritone (down to G#). 30’s-50’s. A marketing agent. Seemingly respectable, substantial, trustworthy. An actor who sings well.

Arbiter: Male or female (to high A). 30’s-40’s. Smooth, but with a quick temper.

Gregor Vassy: Baritone (A-d). 60’s-70’s. Florence’s “father.” Speaks only Hungarian (5 lines) and sings solo in Hungarian.

M & F, various ages: Reporters, merchandisers, Hungarians, Russians, Americans, etc.

Leads prepare to sing these songs in their entirety, unless indicated otherwise:

Florence: Someone Else’s Story
Nobody’s Side (1 verse & chorus)
You and I
I Know Him So Well

Freddie: One Night in Bangkok
Pity the Child

Anatoly: Anthem
You and I

Svetlana: You and I
I Know Him So Well

Arbiter (male or female): Arbiter’s Song

Gregor Vassy: Lullaby

Secondary roles and ensemble: prepare 16 bars of a song of your choice.
An accompanist will be provided. Arrive early if you wish to work briefly with the accompanist.
Readings will be from sides provided at the audition.

Frank Meredith frankoflamancha@gmail.com
Adrienne Sherman shermanam@yahoo.com
Sally Burke jburke6@nycap.rr.com